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This set features a purple/gold shift mica base resin with the addition of mermaid opal flakes, purple/green colorshift glitter clouds, and extra purple glitter bits for all the shimmer and sparkle you could ask for! Inked in a custom mixed metallic lavender purple.


This 7pc set includes: 1 numbered d20, d12, d%, d10, d8, d6, and d4 as pictured.


These dice are handmade functional art. All dice will have small flaws like mold marks or sanding scuffs. Any noticeable handmade marks are listed, please make note of them before buying.


Specific Flaw Notes:

- small mold marks around cap faces

The Fae's Delightful Dance 7pc Dice Set

  • Mold Style

    Wonderland Masters

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