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If your questions aren't answered here, please check my Policies & Pricing!

Are your dice balanced?

Handmade dice, with very few exceptions, are at least as balanced as factory dice, and often more-so. Handmade dice contain fewer bubbles and voids than most mass produced dice do to being cast in a pressure pot. The only reason for a handmade die to be unbalanced would be the inclusion of heavy objects such as stones or beads - just like factory dice sometimes have.


Handmade dice are not perfectly balanced, however, even casino dice are changed out on a regular basis due to oils affecting their balance. Most dice inclusions (metallic flake, glitter, flowers, etc.) do not affect the balance of dice. These handmade dice are not weighted. They roll randomly and are perfectly fine for tabletop play.

Why are your dice not labelled as A- or B-Grade?

Myself and many other makers have decided to not use a grading system for dice because of the inconsistencies with this system across the community. There is no universal standard for what is A-Grade or B-Grade, and one person's A-Grade dice might be considered B-Grade by another. However, there is no difference in time or effort between grades, and all dice are made with the upmost love and care. Dice are functional art!

Although I will not be grading my dice from now on, I will still include pictures of all visible cosmetic flaws such as mold marks, sanding scuffs, etc. to allow buyers to see exactly what they are purchasing. Depending on how I feel about these flaws and the overall quality and time spend on the dice, prices may be adjusted, but I will no longer be designating quality by A or B-Grade labels.

How can I buy your dice?

My dice can be purchased here, on my website. I have shop updates every few months, the date of which will be announced in advance and promoted on social media.

Do you take commissions?

At the moment, I my commissions are closed. However, when they open, you can find the form here!

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